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Leading Irish Traditional Band since 2001

A traditional band with a truly worldwide reach, Téada has appeared as a frequent headliner at major music festivals throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, Russia, the Middle East and Australia.

Téada's Electronic Press Kit resources can be accessed here or from the link below.

Press Photos

credit: Damien Stenson

credit: Damien Stenson

credit: Damien Stenson

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Downloadable materials

Téada Biography 2024 Version 10.8 MB
Téada Technical Rider 5-piece band 652 KB
Téada Technical Rider 6-piece band 453 KB
Téada Technical Rider 7-piece band 640 KB
Téada Promo Photo 1 credit: Damien Stenson 1.91 MB
Téada Promo Photo 2 credit: Damien Stenson 5.46 MB
Téada Logo Black 121 KB
Téada Logo Yellow 59.1 KB

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